Green Politech – for health and sustainability

From the beginning of the company’s existence in 1998, Politech was actively involved in various types of charity activities. Helping the Bydgoszcz hospice, annual participation in the Noble Gift, supporting the Siepomga foundation, the Knights and Princesses foundation, the BETEZDA Mission, or financial support for the animal shelter in Bydgoszcz – these are just some of the social activities in which we participated.

With the goal of helping those in need, we have not forgotten to engage in the affairs of the local community and the natural environment surrounding our company. The issues of ecology and good coexistence with the local community have always been among the priorities of our company’s Development Strategy.

The location of the company in the quiet surroundings of houses and greenery, both the first and the second company headquarters in Osielsko, meant that we wanted to maintain the natural balance of this place. Many people living in the near to the plant are employed at Politech. Thanks to this, we were able to look at the situation of coexistence of the factory and households from the perspective of our neighbors.

Responding to the needs of the local community and suggesting our own innovative solutions, we made Politech blend into the local landscape in a non-disturbing manner. For this to happen, we implemented a number of actions, which effects could be observed immediately and some of the long-term nature.

Politech headquarter Osielsko

Politech Osielsko

Already the first plant of the Politech in Osielsko was adapted to minimize the negative impact on the environment, but the greatest progress was made with the opening of the current headquarters of the company in 2007. The new production hall was gradually filled with modern and efficient injection molding machines which allowed us to minimize the consumption of water and electricity. The heat generated in production began to heat up the offices, and the machines began to be cooled with cold water in a closed circuit. A lacquering line with metallization was established shortly after, and was equipped with the most innovative equipment for the protection of employees’ health and for the pure atmosphere outside of the building.

Politech metallization

HEPA and EPA filters, solvent-free varnishes, lacquer recovery system, hermetic closure of the lacquering space and modern ventilation systems meant that the company, did not adversely affect its surroundings.

Acting on a long-term basis, Politech also allocated about half of its plot area to various plantings, creating an almost park-like atmosphere around the plant. The garden expansion of the areas adjacent to the enterprise allowed for the diversity of the local flora and created animal-friendly places, as exemplified by the numerous birds that visit us, such as: field bird, sparrow, redhead, robin and blackbird.

Disagreeing with recently popular trend of “concreting” industrial spaces and by using environmentally friendly technologies of machines and materials, in 2018-2019 we built a production plant in Bydgoszcz. Despite being located in a typical production space (Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park), we again focused on ecology.

Politech Bydgoszcz

Politech Bydgoszcz

We used energy-saving LED lighting throughout the plant and one of the most effective UV lamps on the lacquering line. The process of vacuum metallization and lacquering has been automated using robots to such an extent that employees have almost zero contact with harmful aerosols from the decorating process. Special exhausts, ventilation and again the most effective HEPA and EPA filters make Politech Bydgoszcz neutral for the local environment.

The plans for new production site also include investments which effects will be seen in a few, maybe several years. The plot on which the company’s second plant is located has an area of ​​almost 3 ha. All the planned development stages of this area projects numerous plantings and flora diversification on the areas near to the factory buildings.

Politech metallization

In recent years, the company has also focused on developing bio-plastics processing technology. For various production-related needs, we use almost 100% recycled materials, and for production purposes, we develop solutions that allow us to increase the doses of regranulate for commercial use. We consult these changes with our Clients, and it is allways at their request.

Only in a broad perspective you can see how big impact on the environment have individual actions of ourselves and companies at each stage of the supply chain. However, by hanging the bar higher and higher between suppliers, producers, agents and Customers, it is possible to maintain an ecological balance. For the health of all of us, including our closest neighbors and the safety of the natural environment, Politech tries to stay ahead of the pro-ecological expectations of its Customers. If you want your business to develop sustainable and in „green”, join us and let’s take care of it TOGETHER!

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