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Where are we from?

We are a family company from Poland, operating since 1998 in Osielsko near Bydgoszcz.

What does Politech offer?

Politech offers the sale of standard and individualised products, as well as decoration services. Our standard products include perfume caps, rings for perfume packaging and complete jars. Our offer of individualised products includes the creation of any product, from the concept to the finished product, along with the design, manufacture of injection moulds, production of items, decoration services and assembly. In our offer of decorations, we provide vacuum metallisation, UV varnishing and hot-stamping.

Why you should consider choosing Politech?

Politech is a company that provides the highest quality of products and services. Our mission is to strive for continuous development, improvement of quality and meeting customer expectations. Being certified management system compliant with the ISO PL-EN 9001:2015 standard and the full experience of 20 years active on the market are evidence that Politech is reliable and provides services at the highest level. This is also evidenced by our many years of business relations with the largest cosmetics brands in Europe, the implementation of innovative projects and the successive automation of our production processes. Our qualified staff is a huge advantage of the company. We provide services from the concept to the finished product.

ISO Certificate

In December 2017, Politech sp. z o.o. was awarded the Certificate of Management Systems, PN-EN ISO 9001:2015. This certification is a confirmation of the use by our company of the highest quality standards in the field of design, production and decoration of cosmetic packaging made of plastics.

Where can you meet Politech?

Politech presents its offer at numerous international trade fairs, such as Cosmopack Bologna, Luxe Pack Monaco, PCD Paris and CosmeticBusiness Munich.


What is Surlyn?

Surlyn is a commercial name of ethylene ionomer. It is manufactured by the chemical company DOW. It is a plastic which is being used more and more often in various industries due to its numerous advantages. Surlyn is characterised by high transparency, it perfectly refracts light rays creating almost a crystal effect, as well as having the ability to have its internal structure dyed. As opposed to glass (which it often replaces), it is a warm, unbreakable material, splatter-resistant, as well as chemically resistant, and susceptible to various types of decoration. Moreover, surlyn products can be produced in small production runs.

What is Polypropylene?

One of the most frequently used artificial moulds in the world. It is characterised by very high chemical resistance. It guarantees the safety of a stored substance and it is resistant to external effects. Polypropylene can be subjected to UV coating and vacuum metallisation processes.

Do we manufacture aluminium or wood caps?

Politech does not manufacture aluminium or wooden sockets.

What are the advantages of plastic products?

Smoothness, light weight, warmth to the touch; they do not squeak when moved across glass surfaces, while providing almost unlimited possibilities of forming, ease of painting, dyeing and decorating. They are splinter-resistant.

Other materials

Politech uses a lot of plastics in its production. Each order is matched with a material that will ensure the highest quality of the final product and will be in line with the customer's expectations.


What is vacuum metallisation?

Vacuum metallisation is a coating method that creates an artificial, thin layer of metal giving the items a metallic look. This is done by spraying aluminium microparticles. Decorating with this technology is a very good way to obtain a uniform surface with a metallic appearance.

What is UV varnishing?

UV varnishing is a popular method of varnishing which allows you to obtain any colour for an item and the various finishes thereof (gloss, satin, matte), thanks to the use of various dyes. Hardening of the varnish with UV radiation, however, increases the surface’s resistance to chemical and mechanical damage.

Can Surlyn be varnished or metallised?

Surlyn is a material that can be used in a variety of colours, however it is done by mass dyeing. This means that after production, an item is not subjected to metallisation or varnishing, and it already has the appropriate colour given by a dye added to the material used in the injection machine. Depending on the amount of dye added, you can create a surlyn product that will remain transparent or become opaque.

Can any material be varnished or metallised?

The multitude of plastics available on the market means that everything depends on the material chosen and the type of decoration. Our Sales Specialists will be happy to help you in choosing the right method of decoration or colouring.

What is hot stamping?

Hot stamping is a method of decorating consisting of applying a metallic foil to the items. The process uses convex matrices and allows any decorative pattern to be obtained.

What colours are available for varnishing and metallisation?

Varnishing and metallisation are available in almost all colours and shades. However, choosing the right colour may require several attempts. It’s important to keep in mind that dark colours are less resistant to damage due to the high pigment content.

What is the minimum order for metallisation or varnishing?

The minimum order size is 20,000 units. However, this number may increase, depending on the size and complexity of the mould of the item.

Is there a size restriction on metallisation or varnishing?

Depending on the size of the decorated items, the minimum orders for metallisation and varnishing range from 20 to 40 thousand items.


What is Cache Pump (CP15) and how does it differ from the ring?

A Cache Pump is a metal ring that masks the atomiser mechanism. The number given next to CP is the outside diameter of a bottle neck and is compatible with the FEA 15 atomiser. It also matches an atomiser and a bottle with a cap of an appropriate inner diameter. The ring is a decorative element made of plastic which emphasises the character of the whole package and snaps a cap in the closed position of the package. This can be done on the Cache Pump or on a ring produced at Politech.

FEA 15, FEA 18, FEA 20?

FEA is an abbreviation referring to the European Aerosol Federation, which regulates the market standards for cosmetic and perfumery bottles. Therefore, FEA denotes compliance with the international standard, and the number placed next to the abbreviation is the millimetre outer diameter of the neck of the bottle. Our standard products have a specific neck diameter to which they fit.

Standard products

What are standard products and what are the purchase costs?

Standard products are products available to many recipients. The owner of the design of such a product is Politech.

What is the minimum order for standard products?

jars – 5,000; caps – 10,000; rings – 10,000.

Do we have products on stock?

No. Each production run is made for a specific order of a customer, thanks to which it is possible to choose the right colour.

Are price lists of standard products available?

In order to familiarise yourself with the prices of these products, we invite you to contact one of our sales specialists, who will be happy to provide you with all of the relevant information.

Is it possible to modify a standard product?

It is possible to modify standard products in many respects. The costs of such modifications depend on the type of changes introduced and whether they require the creation of a new injection mould or only the elements thereof.

Individual products

What is individual packaging?

Individual packaging is created when a customer orders a whole product or an item different from those available in our standard offer. The customer is the owner of the design, mould and instrumentation. In this case, we cooperate with the customer from the initial design stage, then our tool shop produces an appropriate new mould for the desired item, after which we use it on injection machines and thus a new individual product designed from scratch.

What is the cost of making a mould?

The cost of making a mould depends on the specifics of the particular project. There are so many factors determining the cost of making a mould that we kindly request you to contact our Sales and Marketing Department. They will be happy to prepare an appropriate quote to determine the approximate value.

How long does it take to make a mould?

The time to make a new injection mould is approximately three months. This process can be much shorter if the project only requires a new mould insert, but it can also be slightly longer if the design requires exceptional precision and detailed execution.

How long does it take to prepare an offer to create an individual product?

The preparation of an offer for the creation of an individual product depends on the scope of work to be carried out by Politech and the complexity of the project. If you have a ready-made individual product project, our specialists will prepare an offer for you, usually within three working days. In the case of creating a project from the initial concept, Politech’s product design time, as well as the time taken to negotiate its final appearance with the customer, shall be added.

What is the minimum order for individual products?

The implementation of a new individual product requires the ordering of a new injection mould, therefore, with such an order, a minimum order size is no longer applicable.

Assigning a manager to manage the product.

A qualified and experienced project manager will be assigned to work with you. The designated specialist will be at your disposal if you have any questions or details regarding the running of the project.

Cooperation from concept to finished product - comprehensive customer service

At Politech, you can order any element of cosmetic or perfume packaging and any decorative service. One of our main principles, however, is customer service “from a concept to a ready product”. This means that Politech offers assistance in the selection of materials, designs or creating a completely new product project. Subsequently, we deal with the production of the items, the assembly thereof, intermediation in the purchase of additional elements or services and decoration. We are able to provide you with professional service at every level of involvement in the project.

Cooperation with glassworks

Politech cooperates with the Czechy and HEINZ-GLAS glassworks, from which we receive bottles that are properly matched to the orders of our customers.

Glass decorations

Glass decoration services are provided for Politech by the world leader in the industry, Dekorglass from Działdowo.

Atomisers, Cache pumps

Atomisers, Cache pumps, as well as other additional and unusual elements of cosmetic and perfumery packaging, are obtained by Politech from well-known and respected suppliers in their industries.

Can I order samples of standard products?

A customer can order free samples of standard products without the option to select the colour or make specific production tests. The price for the production tests depends on the size of the items and the number of items ordered. Our Sales Specialists will be happy to be provided to you with any details.

The process of ordering an individual product

The time of producing an individual product depends on the scope of work to be carried out by Politech. The longest process is creating a product from the initial concept, which requires creating and agreeing the project with a customer, preparing a commercial offer, creating an injection mould and the production of a specific number of items. Our Sales Specialists will be happy to be provided you with any details.

The process of ordering a standard product

The ordering process from the first contact with the Politech representative to the shipment of standard products usually takes from 6 to 8 weeks.

How do we care for the safety of our products?

Politech pays particular attention to protecting its products from damage at every stage of production and during transport. Detailed information on this topic can be found in our blog entry “How Politech cares about products”.

What are the ways of picking up a product or shipping?

Politech offers various ways of picking up the goods or shipping them. For instance: personal collection, courier parcel, transport company, Politech transport.

How to make a complaint?

Complaints are submitted in writing to a customer’s supervisor who will continue the process within the company. With a written complaint, please attach a production order number along with a photo of the defective item or send a specific item to Politech. All detailed information about the complaint process can be found in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.