“Age +” cosmetics – effective targeting or ageism?

When we take care of our children, we choose cosmetic products suitable for their skin and not only when they are years old, but also only months. It may seem natural to classify cosmetic products for older age groups in [...]
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wood, caps

Wooden perfume caps – the hottest trend

On our blog, we often go back to the topic of the current trends in cosmetic and perfume packaging. New designs, materials, and colours regularly appear on the market, with varying levels of influence. Some of them, however, remain in [...]
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Our own tool shop – a huge advantage in the industry!

Creating production injection moulds in a facility without a tool shop is a huge challenge. Managing a company department that must simultaneously secure ongoing production and create new moulds may generate delays and many other unforeseeable events. Ultimately, however, the [...]
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Does Slow Life affect the cosmetics market?

Stress, putting our professional life before private matters, constant haste in all daily activities, eating on-the-go, a lack of sleep, no time for our family… These things are typical of contemporary times. And it is precisely them that the increasingly [...]
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Trends or production capabilities – what are the factors that change the packaging market?

Trends are among the most frequently recurring themes in all articles, publications or presentations regarding the cosmetic packaging market. Predictions about future trends are made on the basis of cultural changes in society, the financial resources of consumers or even [...]
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Not only the packaging industry – metallization around us

As a society, we are used to the fact that we are surrounded by plastics far and wide. Sometimes, however, “plastics” are hiding from us so well that at first glance we cannot judge whether they are not by chance [...]
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Trade fairs – why participating in them is beneficial?

Trade fairs were once events where business people, company representatives and employees met in order to make important business decisions. Although trade fairs today serve a completely different function, their value should not be underestimated. Why is taking part in trade [...]
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Why is the luxury products market constantly growing?

The belief that in the past people did not dream about having luxury goods and products made by “known brands” is certainly mistaken. The wealthy often boasted about having fabrics imported from India, perfumes from France, or suits sewn by [...]
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Bespoke production is beneficial for the customer

“Good morning. I would like to order a specific quantity of caps for perfume bottles X in colour XX for tomorrow”. We answer such calls and e-mails very often in the Politech sales department. We always appreciate contact with our [...]
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We Are Going Shopping – Choosing the Right Perfume

Perfumes perfectly complement our personality and look, make us more courageous and catch the attention of those around us. They give us that special something that makes us stand out, that sets us apart. Good perfume is pricey, and if [...]
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2019 Consumer Trends – What Can We Expect?

Since 2000, every December the Pantone Color Institute chooses a colour that, according to studies, will be the keynote for the next 12 months. Many people claim that the institute, with its current status, creates the trends instead of forecasting [...]
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Packaging + weight = luxury?

At some time or other we have all taken something in our hand, only to discard it as tacky, shoddy or too simplistic for our tastes. The same applies to the packaging used for cosmetics, or its parts. Heavy packaging [...]
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