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General information

The ability of an enterprise to develop and gain benefits, profits and competitive edge determines its competitiveness. In general, the competitiveness of most enterprises is determined by the following factors: innovativeness and technological advancement of the entity, the network of contacts and subcontractors, prices of products and services, product quality, investments, the ability to garner capital, the availability and method of financing for activities, and the business environment.

Innovativeness is one of the most important factors determining competitiveness of enterprises, conditioning their ability to reach high competitive positions in the market.

EU aid funds allowed Politech Spółka z o.o. to accelerate its technological and innovative development, and reach a satisfying position in Poland and at the global level. The Company has obtained competitive advantage owing to the impeccable quality of its product range, which, in turn, was ensured by way of investments in cutting-edge equipment, software and technologies.