Unia Europejska


In the 2004-2006 budget period, POLITECH implemented project no. SPOWKP/2.2.1/1/04/396, entitled “Launching a cosmetic-packaging metallization and UV lacquering line”

Fragrance and cosmetic producers look for aesthetic and high-quality closures for cosmetic bottles and cream jars, boasting high resistance to scratching, as well as alcohol and aromatic-ester interaction. The aforementioned expectations and trends present in the fragrance & cosmetics industry gave birth to the necessity for launching at POLITECH a process line for the vacuum metallization and UV lacquering of cosmetic-bottle and cream-jar closures.

This process line consists of a water cooler, a lacquering line, a metallizer and specialist instrumentation for the lacquering line.

The technology proposed in the project and planned for industrial use, along with its substantial automation, conditioned the undeniable innovativeness of the project.