Unia Europejska

The 2014-2020 period

We are interested in cooperation regarding the creation of the Politech company profile on portals related to the cosmetic packaging industry, which purpose is to present product offer and technological capabilities to potential customers. Moreover, the presence on the portal will boost brand awareness. The offer presented by you must be binding.
Please send us an offer in accordance with the following specifications:
  • – Membership in the form of a company profile on the platform with global reach for 1 year
  • – the publication of the logo and contact details,
  • – the publication of the product catalogue
  • – the publication of unlimited content in the form of news, articles, press releases,
  • – banner ad on the company’s profile,
In addition, the supplier guarantees:
  • – minimum 2 000 views during ongoing membership,
  • – identification of visitors of the company profile,
  • – possibility of keyword Surlyn search
  • – possibility of contact with the Politech company through active button.
Selection criteria:
Kryterium Symbol Waga
Net price A 40
Publication of logo and contact details B 5
Publication of product catalogue C 5
Publication of unlimited content in the form of news, articles, press releases D 10
Banner ad on the portal E 5
Minimum of 2 000 views during ongoing membership F 3
Identification of visitors G 10
Possibility of keyword Surlyn search H 20
Possibility of contact through active button I 2
Z = A + B + C + D + E + F + G + H + I
  • net price
A = (Amin / Ax) * 40 points where: A – points awarded to the evaluated offer under the criterion Nett price for the entire order, Amin – the lowest nett price offered for entire order, Ax – net price of evaluated offer for entire order.
  • The assessment of the submitted offer under criteria from B to I will be based on the guarantee of supplier that they will be fulfilled.
Deadline for submission the offer 02.03.2017  
The offer expiration date 09.03.2017
Proceedings won the offer submitted by the company WEBPAC