Unia Europejska


The implementation of project no. SPOWKP/2.3/4/04/1834, entitled “Improving the competitiveness of POLITECH by equipping it with state-of-the-art machines and technologies,” consisted in:

a) implementing into production an innovative technology of manufacturing surlyn closures using a two-component injection method. The technology in question was submitted to the Patent Office of Republic of Poland as an invention;

b) developing the Tool Shop, by equipping it with 6, mostly CNC, specialist machines and devices (vertical milling machine, lathe, flat-surface grinder, electrical discharge machine, tape cut-off machine, and sandblaster);

c) equipping the Injection-Machine Department with 16 cutting-edge machines (4 DEMAG electric injection machines with clamping force of 1000 kN, 4 manipulators, 4 conveyor belts with a cooling tank, 3 grinders for waste plastic grinding and a hot-stamping machine (for closure decorations);

d) equipping the Quality Acceptance Department with a measuring machine that allows measurements in three dimensions.

The implementation of the aforementioned specialist machinery and innovative 2-component injection technology made it possible to create injection moulds on our own, annually implement several closures for cosmetic bottles, and substantially increase the capacity of the Injection-Machine Department and Tool Shop. This translated into higher innovation levels and improved competitiveness.