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RPKP 05.05.00-04-067/13

In the 2007-2013 budget period, POLITECH implemented project no. RPKP 05.05.00-04-067/13, entitled “Improving the competitiveness of POLITECH Spółka z o.o. on the European and global markets by arranging exhibitions at the LUXE PACK Monaco International Trade Show (23-25 October 2013).”

The objective of the Company’s participation in Luxe Pack Monaco 2013 was to acquaint itself with new export opportunities, promote the Company and its products, strengthen the Company’s image and increase the recognisability of its brand on international markets. The Luxe Pack Monaco Trade Show is one of the most important exhibition events in the cosmetics industry in Europe, and is the perfect opportunity to promote POLITECH products.

This event was the perfect place to conduct surveys helpful in further work on the product and the brand image. It is imperative that the Company is present at events of this type. Participating in such international events as Luxe Pack 2013 increases the Company’s effectiveness in obtaining an increasing market share in foreign markets. By participating in the aforementioned fair, POLITECH has an opportunity to determine its position on the market and obtain valuable information about its competition, and also – what is equally important – to observe and verify its weaknesses.