Unia Europejska


Owing to the implemented projects, co-financed from EU funds, the Company has managed to bring about considerable changes, which have influenced the improvement of POLITECH’s competitiveness:

1) Extending the objects of the Company’s activities;
2) Purchasing 33 fixed assets (innovative machines and devices), necessary to the Company’s development and the implementation of innovative technologies, unprecedented at the global level:
– hot sampling, which makes it possible to put details also on sharp edges,
– two-component injection moulding,
– surlyn dyeing using liquid dyes,
– surlyn processing – which is a raw-material with unique aesthetic values, much needed in the fragrance & cosmetic industry,
– vacuum metallization and UV lacquering,
– production-waste recovery of plastics used in the production process;
3) Tripling the staffing level, and attracting several dozen new customers;
4) Making savings in terms of electricity consumption;
5) Substantially improving the innovativeness of our solutions by:
a) registering as many as 24 products at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland as industrial designs,
b) registering 4 products at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market as community trade marks;
6) Lowering the prices of manufactured products, thanks to the utilization of innovative technologies and efficient means of production (machines, equipment and injection moulds);
7) Improving the quality of manufactured products, owing to:
a) the purchased innovative means of production that manufacture reproducible products,
b) the utilized measuring machine, which makes it possible to control the production of injection moulds and details at every stage of production.

EU aid funds allowed the Company to accelerate its technological and innovative development, and reach a satisfying position in Poland and on a global level.