Unia Europejska

2.2.2 SOP-ICE

In the 2004-2006 budget period, POLITECH implemented several projects under Sub-measure 2.2.2 SOP-ICE.

The objective of these projects was to acquaint the Company with new export opportunities, promote the Company and its products, promote the Company’s services, strengthen the Company’s image and increase the recognisability of the brand at international fairs. The scope of business contacts established with our partners includes those with foreign partners from Europe, Asia and America. An inseparable part of POLITECH’s participation in fairs is to increase the awareness of our position in the market.

Thanks to the aforementioned participation and marketing activities at fairs, POLITECH has bolstered its position on the market and attracted several dozen new clients, and also promoted its products and services in the areas of impact of the fairs in question. At the same time, the Company acquainted itself with the latest technological achievements presented at the fairs, which influenced its activity in the field of development and modernising its products. POLITECH rents stands at international fairs totalling ca. 12-16 m2, which are developed and customised at the Company’s request.