How to reach perfect finish of perfumery or cosmetic packaging? There are many methods available on the market. We recommend metallization and lacquering to give the packaging real shine.

Vacuum metallization and UV lacquering are technologies used for decoration of caps, collars and lids produced by Politech. They involve covering of plastic elements with decorative coatings and enable to reach unlimited range of colours and attractive effects such as mat or gloss. Notable is high chemical resistance of decorative coating.

Metallization and lacquering are technologies with many advantages. Unlimited possibility of combination of dyes enables to match decorated elements with the colour of a whole packaging. What is more, UV lacquers, as the highest quality, provide smooth, thin coating that not change or deform surface of the part. The visual effect is undeniable.

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An important advantage of UV-curable coatings is increased hardness through which caps are resistant on alcohol and esters fragrances. Coatings are also resistant to abrasion and scratching, so caps and collars look perfect for a long time. Due to the purity of the production process inclusions and impurities on the surface are limited.
This technology is innovative because of full automation and synchronization of decoration processes using the highest quality raw materials. Reducing the share of human factor increases the efficiency of the process. Production is based on a programmed sequence of events, allowing you to get the same high quality for every detail. In addition, it used a computer program that allows the correct choice of colours in accordance with customer expectations.

Vacuum metallization and UV lacquering are technologies safety for human beings and environment. Processes are isolated in special sealed chambers. Automation increases energy saving. All elements decorated using these technologies are recyclable.

All above mentioned advantages are prove that decorated caps, collar and lids are the highest quality products and are the answer to the growing demands of cosmetic market.

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