Politech in cooperation with University of Fine Arts in Poznań conducted an project contest for the students. The task for the students of mentioned above University was project a cosmetic packaging alluding to current trends in design and meeting the expectations of modern consument.

Contest lasted from 17 of October 2017 to 18 of January 2018, when the winners of the competition were selected.  The project was open to students of Design Department at Faculty of Architecture and Design. Contest „Awareness of the ritual” required competitors to creating an innovative cosmetic packaging that meets several key conditions. One of them was a protection of packaged product from excessive exposure to air.

Students showed exceptional creativity, big engagement and substantive preparation. The results of those were many great arts.-works, which surely could become a real product on the cosmetic packaging market.

After long deliberations, jury chosen students who made it to the top 3 positions and one student who deserved a special distinction. Małgorzata Maik become a winner, the second place went to Michalina Jedwabna, a the third place went to two students – Agata Rosiecka and Jeremi Dagiel.Bartosz Pędziński became the special honored participant.

We want to congratulate the winners of the contest!

Congratulations for all hard work putted in this project should go also to: Klaudia Sowa, Kamila Rudnicka, Zuzanna Skórska, Michalina Brokos, Klaudia Nowicka, Ewelina Komoń, Agnieszka Tomczak, Jowita Gawron, Aleksandra Krystosiak, Natalia Kozieł, Sandra Kostro and Marta Nowakowska.

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