Relaxation cosmetics – a new type of cosmetic?

Consumers work increasingly longer hours and live in a much greater rush than ever before, hence their longing for a moment’s respite that would allow them to focus on themselves and regenerate their tired mind and body. Massage, spa, beauty and wellness parlours are capitalising on this need. However, not every consumer can afford to visit such establishments… As a result, in their attempt to bring the comfort of the spa into consumers’ homes, beauty product manufacturers have been releasing more and more relaxation products which can make everyone feel as though they are being taken care of by a wellness professional.

Relaxation and skin care

There is a great deal of overlap between relaxation and skin care products, but the former puts a much greater emphasis on the process of applying the substance itself. The benefits of “home spa” products are mostly centred around the sensual experiences they provide – the pleasure begins during the application process.

Relaxation cosmetics are products which help us achieve a relaxed state and regenerate our skin and muscles better than their skin care relatives. Particles which massage the body, interesting scents and the consistency of the product itself all result in us having a good time and a pleasant sensory experience while also providing a beneficial regenerative effect.


Relaxation cosmetics – available products

Beauty shop shelves are full of regenerative face masks and bath and skin oils. Various kinds of bath additions are also very popular, placed somewhere in between cosmetics and relaxation accessories. On the one hand, the stereotypical rose petals can have a positive impact on the skin after they release their valuable substances in bath water, but, on the other hand, they can hardly be considered regular cosmetic products. Other relaxation accessories include various types of sponges, massagers, brushes, massage balls and candles. This vast array of gadgets does not overshadow the cosmetics themselves – the latter have actually been growing in number. The range of available bath salts, exfoliators and special soaps is extremely vast and perfectly demonstrates the demand for such products.


Help your customers

Dr Irena Eris is the perfect example of a company which combines skin care and relaxation in its products. The company’s product range includes a plethora of spa products. The Polish manufacturer, in addition to the regenerative properties of these products, emphasises the fact that relaxing self-massage also has a wonderful effect. The company even published an online video manual on how to perform such a massage by yourself.

Relaxation cosmetics packaging

Relaxation products are sold in all kinds of packaging, starting from dispenser bottles and pipettes to bags and the popular cosmetics jars. The latter are sold in various sizes, but relaxation products are usually offered in larger packaging compared to skin care products. Regenerating scrub or bath salt jars are often much larger than the standard 50 and 30 ml jars used for regular beauty products.


Time to relax

Cosmetics and taking care of our bodies has become something more than just improving personal hygiene. Nowadays, consumers often ritualise their relations with beauty products, deriving great pleasure from using them. They are even willing to pay a little more for a moment’s respite, relaxation and regeneration. If they have not done so already, cosmetics manufacturers should consider “home spa” products as their next step when it comes to expanding their product range. However, it is important to remember that relaxation cosmetics are not essential products, and, should their price turn out to be overwhelming for customers, they will simply forgo them.

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